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Radcliffe Camera

CH and I have a slightly strained relationship with Mothers' Day: it reminds us both of our orphan status. He, though, is in the difficult position of being married to a mother as well as being descended from one, so he doesn't feel that the day can go unmarked. So he asked me if I'd like to go out for lunch, and suggested that if we went to Oxford there would also be multiple blipportunities.

It was a dreary day weather-wise: driving over through Chipping Norton and Woodstock, everything was so murky and brown it looked like a 1970s photograph. But we had a good lunch lunch at Browns - the salted caramel profiteroles alone were worth a 2-hour round trip - and then hiked off to find something photogenic, and wound up at the oft-blipped Radcliffe Camera. I had to unpack one of my mothering skills from storage to get a shot that wasn't cluttered with students with phones and selfie sticks, but it's quite nice to know that I can still scatter teenagers when I want to.

There's some more information about the building here.

From the Department of Disaster Planning, there's a high-key mono here, a different view here, and this photo is also here. I've spent a lot of time today watching and participating in discussions on Facebook about what may or may not be happening on this site, and one thing is abundantly clear: blippers are passionately committed to the site and the community, and desperate to hear that there may be a positive future for blipfoto.

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