Look up to the skies ...

Looking up means that 'things are gonna get better', singing that song in my head now. These are iconic Hong Kong buildings and the walk from MRI centre to doctor's office took me past this view. The amazing Bank of China Tower, building on the left.

Started today at school with Jon for meetings re Unis. Then back home for a bit before heading back into town for my MRI and doctor's visit.

MRI was noisy and claustrophobic and I was glad it was over in 1/2 an hour. Then armed with the images, I walked over to Central for my appointment. Only to find out that it was what we saw last week. Bone eroding away under the first set of discs. He wants to fuse the bone above those discs, aaaaahhh! So scary. I hate this and don't want to go through it again. It was bad the first time round!!!

Came away with some possible dates but will wait till Martin gets back to see what works best.

I had a good friend who used to live here and is visiting over for dinner today. It was nice to have her and get my mind off what's happening. Life is a bit overwhelming at the moment and I need a holiday. Yes that's right, I want to run away rather than face it. I'm a wimp!

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