An Old Airman's Life

By 1VintageAirman

Almost spring

Out and about early with Buddy.  He seems to like the Fort Worth Water Gardens as much as I do.  It has so Three large water features and the moving water reduces the city noise.  Here is some of the greenery.  Or is it redery?

Rode Debbie's electric assist bike to the garden to give it a little shower.  Buddy ran beside me.  Boy does he love to run.  I do need to teach him to drink out of a hose.  When we got to the garden, he was in need of a drink.  Tried everything I could think of other than holding him down and prying open his mouth.  He never got a drink.  He was soaked but thirsty.  Good thing for him, a good friend owns a brewpub down the street from the garden.  We stopped in for a cold drink.  Buddy was the hit of the patio.

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