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Shanghai: The Bund at night


As promised, I will be uploading just a few of my photos from my recent trip to Shanghai.  So many have asked . . . how can I refuse? 

Ramblerstale, worldlens and I met up with a couple of friends for a wonderful dinner at a Canadian restaurant.  Being from the Western U.S., we wondered what Canadian cuisine was.  Yes, you can call us ignorant if you want.  The restaurant's specialty was smoked meats - not barbeque - just smoked chicken, turkey, beef, etc.  There were a number of other specialty dishes that were excellent as well.  Oh, yes, and great beer!  This was a wonderful alternative to Asian food for all of us.  We had a great time. 

Afterward, we wandered along the Bund, all of us taking many pictures. The Bund is the historic walkway along the river in downtown Shanghai.  It's great being around other photographers! 

With all of the discussion on Blipfoto about the liquidation, I want to once again say that I am here and will stay here until the end.  When I became a Lifetime Member, I meant it.  Stay strong, my fellow blippers! Keep on blippin'!    We can weather this storm together! 


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