I'm at

Facebook   but not that actively... But I'd like to contact you guys if you are in any of those places or Facebook groups or...?

When I came home from my walk I checked that this site is still alive and I can make another blip. If it disappears I don't know if I'll join most of you in the project 365 or not. I'll go with what feels right at that time. 

We are having such a wonderful weather! +8°C and sunny clear skies. First I walked with dogs for an hour, then I walked with a friend for 2,5 hours. Well, we also stopped at Marimekko and made some good fabric discoveries. My mom's birthday is in May as is Mother's Day if Finland, so that in mind I bought a fabric that I will cut and sew into a big interior bag that can be used for storage space at home or for linen transport when going to summer cottage ect.

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