Elche - Mediterranean oasis

Today we took a long morning & day walk with the dogs to Parc natural el Fondo i.e. Parque natural del Hondo in Spanish. The first was in Valencià. It's funny to try to learn Spanish and at the same time you must learn some Valencià too. Carrer is calle which means street. Dealing with navigator is sometimes hard when you have no idea if you have to try find the place in Spanish or Valencià. Or if the place you find is the place you are searching for, but it's just on local language.  It's just regarding how the maps have been downloaded. The navigators don't work so good here - ever even if you manage with the languages.

We've had a nice sunny day. But for a while while visiting the park we had some clouds. We were out for over 4 hours. Dogs are pretty contented.

"Elche - Mediterranean oasis" is their slogan. They have pretty good tourist site and I'm hoping to find more places to visit. At least we need to visit the dam. There are routes that they tell about. Some of the routes don't have any length, any specific address to where to start. The instructions are made for locals not out-of-towners. Like "The route starts and finishes at the Huerto de San Plácido. where we’ll find a traditional 19th Century house with two wings joined by a wooden bridge." Try putting Huerto de San Plácido to your navigator when you don't even know the proper postal code. Of course when you google hard enough you get the rest of the required information, but it would be so nice to get it all at once from the same site! 

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