Another tequila sunset without tequila

"Leonard: Well, now instead of idolizing fictional characters, you can focus on the real people who are already in your life.
Sheldon: Those are very wise words.
Leonard: Thank you.
Sheldon: They'd just be so much more comforting if they came out of a television."

I'm watching an episode of Murder she wrote.  I remember watching it in my teen years. Quite nostalgic to watch it once again.

This shot is from out evening walk. I love the sunsets against mountains. The colors change in minutes. Really lovely color show this evening too. Looking east towards the sea the sky is in pastel colors. Mostly blue and violet. West against the mountains we get the tequila sunset. 

BTW, today was nice and hot. 24°C max in shade. Over 30°C in the sun. Tomorrow we go back to primavera, but hopefully verano will return very soon.

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