Market is Thursdays right in front of us. We buy fruit and vegetables from there, but you could buy jamon (in the picture), cheeses, candy, nuts and dried fruit, clothes, shoes, linen, curtains, outfits for pets and now for vine bottles. (Check the link for the picture.)

Otherwise another day of sewing. I cut some pieces yesterday and managed to finish two of them. The dress is great. Very business like, but thin fabric, so it will be perfect for summer days. I also sewed together a silk halter top. I've had this piece of black silk for some years. I've been afraid to cut it, because the fabric is such a find. I still have to iron it, but it's very nice and perfect for the summer. Then I had another go with the bloody shorts. They are almost done, and I can see that they do not fit like I'd wish them to fit.

It's so great that tomorrow is Friday. The workers walking outside our windows is a bit too much for the dogs. We have to keep the blinders down on that side to get the barking down. Noise comes and goes. Today was a bit quieter day from the noise, which was nice. Last week was okay, this week has been more trying. Still it's nicer to be inside than outside.

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