Another boring day of sewing and cutting.

I finished the shorts, cut two dresses and then I decided to do baggy pants, so I cut those and finished them. I also took out one big black cardigan that I want to change into a dress. Right now I'm wondering if I still have something in me to cut the front of the cardigan and sew it back together different way. I like the material of the cardigan, but the length is kind of funny so I haven't used it much. It's very cozy and soft, but cutting it will make terrible mess, so if I cut it I have to sew it back together at once before we're all covered in black threads.

Lately I've been sewing dark grey and black materials. It's easier to sew all the material that uses black threads at once. Once I'm done with all the dark, the new cuts are very colorful and bright and happy prints.

Anyway this is my way to test new clothes patterns and so far everything's been good, usable and pretty, except the shorts. I think I will never make another pair of shorts. Why everything else works out, but the shorts?

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