Cattle and Little Mount Peel

Brrrr, it's been a much colder day here today, something that really struck me as the dogs and I walked past these cattle down the road. The breeze down from the gorge told me that there'd been snow up country. Mrs H always says "you can feel the snow", (in a wise-woman kind of voice) but today I agreed with her. 

Luckily we had our chimneys cleaned yesterday, so the log burner and coal range should now throw out a bit more heat. I think we're going to need it this winter too; everyone we speak to locally tells us Blandswood gets really cold in Winter. I'm not quite sure what the yardstick is for cold, but maybe in a couple of months I'll be able to let you know.

One thing's for sure and that is that the top of Little Peel here (1311 metres)  is going to have snow on it at some time this winter....

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