But, then again . . . . .

By TrikinDave

Breach in the Weir.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the damage that weirs can do to the river environment. Little did I know that our local weir, which started to provide power to the Roslin gunpowder factory round about 1802, has finally succumbed to the storm waters that often flow down the river. Apparently it collapsed last December, but no one had thought to tell me; as secretary of "The Friends of Roslin Glen"  you would have thought someone would have said something. Even at the AGM a couple of weeks ago nothing was said; admittedly, we had a gentleman from the Nature Conservancy Trust telling us about the weir's environmental impact but, the actual collapse itself was not mentioned. Not even Mrs TD, who walks dogs here every Sunday, said anything (I'm not allowed on these weekly excursions, it's a girlie thing). I shall now go and have a little sulk.

It is of interest that the pebble bank just above the weir has already been lowered by about 45 cm (a foot and a half) by erosion due to the new pattern of water flow and there is about two metres (six foot) depth of silt backed up behind that portion of the structure still standing. I am also surprised at the amount of wood that was used in the construction.

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