Emma D's diary

By EmmaDrabble

At NEC Birmingham, : Fix this!....

Don't you just love "can do" people? In a world where an object holds a temporary existence and the price ticket disappeared as soon as you punch the numbers in to the card machine. Customer service is often a rare commodity. It shouldn't be. 

I have a little/big problem with my GX7 and its flash.The camera reads information from the flash, but doesnt actually emit a flash.  Its my own fault (for possibly being too female and never reading the instruction manual in the first place)  I realise this after the kind people on the on the Panasonic stand at The Photography Show brainstorm the problem. This is a helpful mix of techno knowhow and a practical solution from a Panasonic Snapper. After comparing a new camera with my existing one we work out that the wireless connection (onboard the camera) is needed to set the flash off. Mine is turned off. Mostly because I like to choose myself when the camera goes to wireless. 

With all the options on camera these days, the Panasonic stand is the perfect after care after buying a camera. Small problems will occur naturally, but having the chance to chat and brainstorm is half, if not all of the problem solved. THANK YOU 

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