Skins and Sleeves

We had a shocker with Miles, who woke up too early and refused to go back to sleep... until half an hour before we needed to leave Dan and Toni's place.

Gina and I have been knackered all day, but we had a great morning at the Hawthorn festival, wandering up and down and tasting all the free samples. Miles also had a great time,  managing to amass quite an impressive amount of animal petting in a short timeframe: snakes, a crocodile, blue-tongue lizards, chickens, ducks, a cow, a goat, a sheep and a cockatoo. Not what you'd expect in urban Melbourne, but he was happy!

Maybe because he was so wired from being Dr. Dolittle, he refused to have a day nap for the first time ever and just stood in his cot screaming at us relentlessly until we gave in and went over to Johnny and Stacey's for an awesome home made curry.

We're still exhausted and life begins again tomorrow, so off to bed now!

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