Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

Lie in

We had a really good evening yesterday, dinner at the Italian restaurant where we chatted with the owner for more than an hour after we had finished our meal. We were treated to limoncello and coffee.

A difficult night for me - I must have slept about three hours. I couldn't fall asleep. I blame it on the two coffees, but I guess the steak I had must have played a part. I swear it weighed a pound after cooking!

Quiet morning. I let J. sleep a little later than her regimen allows, after all it's the weekend. Lots of chatting since (although I had to go shop for groceries at one point)!

The latest subject was wondering how to truly differentiate between impressionism and expressionism. The actual definitions left us baffled... It really isn't that easy. How would you define them? Come on, and no cheating!

Have a good Sunday, wherever you are. Driving J. back to the hospital tonight, but I'll be going back on Tuesday, as she gets out for good! Her plans for the future are taking shape, and she received a welcome text from a friend regarding the subject this morning... Promising.

Morning light filters
Through a crack
Under the shutter

Your hand, in repose,
A white bird
Upon your shoulder

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