Tokyo style.....

I was in the Fred Aldous art supplies store on Stevenson Square this afternoon picking up a few bits I needed for a big project I’m involved in. I got chatting to these three fabulously dressed girls who were there. So much care had been taken to put their outfits together. I was very impressed. They are dressed like you see some Japanese girls like to dress in Tokyo or Osaka. The style has crossed the planet to Manchester’s N4. They called their look ‘Lolita’ but were anxious to tell me had nothing to do with the infamous character from the eponymous, risqué book of that name. I thought there was something of the look of Grayson Perry in his alter ego of Claire, the UK’s famous and much admired transvestite potter, as he calls himself. Great outfits and many thanks for allowing me to take the picture. You looked great….

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