Humans In Flight

One of my favourite subjects is birds in flight but I woke up this morning with a yen to tog planes, which I love to capture also.

I thought about going to Stansted but I fancied something smaller, much smaller. I had heard that a microlight club operates out of a disused wartime airfield at Hunsdon. I pinpointed it on a map and made a mental note to turn right in the village down Drury Lane. (Couldn't resist looking up drury. It means lover, friendship, courtship or sweetheart.) This lover's lane turned out to be a no through road.

After I had turned round I saw an imposing, tall, moustachioed figure walking to his car and asked him the way to the airfield. "Do you plan to go in that, the track is full of potholes?" I told him that I enjoy going off-road in my sportscar. He kindly said, "Follow me." We went through a gate with a sign, "Danger, do not enter." He pointed to the airfield in the distance. "Are you sure I'm allowed to go?" He told me of his standing in the village and to mention his name when I got there by way of introduction. I told him that I could tell as soon as I saw him that he was a man of substance. :)
The track was indeed very rutted but I picked my way through and was well-received. Soon after I arrived I shot the above pic. I had stopped to photograph a pair of buzzards on the way and still had the camera set at my BIFs shutter speed which has frozen the prop. :(

This stylish Quik microlight craft belongs to Nigel. He is justifiably rather proud of it and asked if I would send him my pics as he hasn't any. I have chosen this image to post as I think it has a feel of ET about it. :) I like the foreshortening effect of my 400mm which shows the Rye Hill water tower on the horizon not far from where I live.  

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