By FlyingPRGal

Wing Walker Training

Today was pre-season wing walker training for Aerobatic Tactics, my friend's business I do a bit of ad hoc PR for during the air show season from April to September.

I spoke to him this morning and we decided I didn't need to be there today as plenty of others were there to take photographs (like this one I was sent to update the Twitter and Facebook page) plus it was bitter cold and I didn't feel too great today.

In fact, today was a day where I needed to be in two places at once as another air show display team I ground crew for were also training. Due to email issues half the team (including me) didn't get the message it was on today! What did I say yesterday about people needing to pick up the phone?!

As it turns out it was a good job I stayed at home. I seem to have a bout of food poisoning and ended up trying to sleep it off all afternoon and evening with hot sweats one minute and shivers the next.

Sipping mint tea now and hoping I'll be back to normal tomorrow. Nothing worse than upset tummy! Ewwww

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