By FlyingPRGal

Breathing new life

This afternoon I popped over to the castle for a catch up coffee with my friend (and fellow Blipper) LaLa. We had a lovely chinwag about what we’d both been up to and discussed how much we loved Blipping and the many friends we’ve made on here from all over the world.
I love it that I can read a journal about someone’s day in the rugged but beautiful Highlands of Scotland, the balmy Californian sunshine or the bustling city streets of Manchester and feel like I’ve been transported there like reading a really good book.
As I wondered slowly around the castle grounds I observed the wildlife busy going about its afternoon activities from barnacles chasing each other to swans preening to ducks paddling and geese making the usual racket.
I made my way down to one of my favourite spots, the cascade lake where I find the sound of the waterfall so soothing – much needed today as I still did not feel 100% after yesterday’s unwelcome food poisoning.
A gaggle of noisy French tourists were huddled around the water’s edge and as I stepped closer I spotted what all the fuss was about; the Black Swan cygnets were paddling in the water with their mum as she fed them from the water side. They were so confident in the water and looked very cute and fluffy.
I’ve been watching the Black Swan nest for several weeks now so it was wonderful to see the babies looking healthy. I had spotted them still in the nest a couple of weeks back but it was great to see – and hear – them out on the water.
You can’t beat some fresh air to clear the head and I felt renewed as I walked back to the car. My gentle stroll gave me new life today and it was so poignant that I discovered new life while doing so.

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