Books, Books, and More Books!

The law school library inside the Katz building on campus is an amazing indoor space, full of wonderful lines and angles and light. It also overlooks the Arboretum. I often park near there when I have meetings on campus, and sometimes I even have a few minutes to go inside to explore.

The light seemed very nice on this afternoon, but it was colder out than it looked. So I ducked inside the Katz building for a quick 15-minute visit and photo shoot.

I'm a big fan of good architecture, especially spaces that are open and airy and have good light. Bonus points if I can catch some reflections. I enjoy photographing both the inside and outside of buildings on campus. Visiting a well-ordered space is like using a good quality container: it just makes you feel better about things fitting together well and making sense.

I've featured this indoor space in several of my prior Blips, always in black and white:

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Down the Down Staircase

And after showing you all of those cool lines, angles, and light, I thought it just might finally be time to show you a pleasing row of actual BOOKS. Law books, at that. I just liked how they looked, with the light coming in from behind them. A tidy row of books: yes, it gives a person hope that there just might be order in the Universe.

The song to accompany this image had to be about books or libraries. And I look at all of those law books and they please me. But, gee, I think I just might want to be . . . a paperback writer! The tune: The Beatles, Paperback Writer.

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