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Picnic On The Marden (Sunday 22nd March 2015)

I had a round trip with several stop-off points on Sunday. These included a visit to Lacock Abbey and a look at an exhibition of high quality platinum prints at their Fox Talbot Museum; a big shop at Waitrose in Melksham using up various vouchers and discounts that saved me well over £20, leaving me only £34 to pay; a look at the Avon at Reybridge; and a walk part-way down Coombe Grove on the Bowood Estate in which I saw half a dozen hares in the fields nearby.

Before all that, though, I had paid yet another visit to the 'Dipper' Marden. Along the walk I saw small tortoiseshells and mallards, but I didn't see dippers or kingfishers. While I was there the farmer turned up  with a flock of sheep he was returning to the field and I learned a bit of the local history from him. Kingfishers had nested in the bank opposite the site of an old mill, and may still, as this was the very spot that I have recently seen kingfishers.

I walked down the bank of the river romantically sited next to Calne Sewage Treatment Works and had a picnic lunch at the spot pictured in this snap, taken with my iPad, overlooking the river and the sheep in the field, keeping a watchful look out for dippers and any other wildlife.

27.3.2015 (0810/1243 hr)

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Bob Dylan - It's Alright, Ma (I'm Only Bleeding) (recorded 15 January 1965 at Columbia Recording Studios, New York City NY).
Fifty years ago from this day, 22nd March, the album Bringing It All Back Home was released.

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