Spring Arrives for these few square centimeters...

I walked up into the hills behind the house today.  The old snow was hard enough to walk on so I took my chance to do this walk for the first time this year.
I took around 50 photos on the walk and the choice for today’s blip fell between this miniature garden, a similar shot but taking a little more of the forest floor, and a view out over the forest, You see which one won, the other two are on my Flickr.
The mosses and lichens that grow in the forest round here are tough life forms. They spend most of the winter  under snow and in the summer they get well dessicated.
So they make the most of the conditions.  The snow has melted back, probably today, certainly not many days ago and these miniature plants are up and growing. The plants with the red tops are about a cm high.

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