Furry Friends

The Guinea Pigs feel very safe around Hero really, but I think they were a bit surprised to see him join them in the small dog basket, which they were sat in, whilst I cleaned their cage. That's why they are all sitting in the corner. Hero loves his Guinea Pigs and can't keep away from them. He is very gentle with and they don't seem to mind. Have a look at this!

Time has been flying today. It was almost 6 pm, when I had walked dogs and after that I needed to go shopping and clean the GP cage.

It is now 7.30 and I'm about to have tea! It has been a good day though - so no complaints :-)

It has been a windy and cold day today - brrrrrr and rain forecasted for the next days.

See you tomorrow, Blipland.
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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