My last day in Denver.

Began the morning with a nice, filling brunch--my mom always does the big breakfasts up right. Yum. Hung out with everyone one last time before heading off to the airport. The holiday weekend meant long lines, obnoxious security procedures, and just an overall mass of writhing humanity. I hate airports and I hate flying (it is not from a phobia, just a strong dislike of large and generally annoying crowds). I should have driven this time, I had plenty of time. Driving also meant I could have brought my bike. Then again, driving around Denver with Texas plates is never a good thing, haha (kidding, kidding).

What a great trip! So good to hang with the ever-growing Seamus, Stef, and Jason. My parents. Even squeezed in a bit of time with an old friend (while simultaneously making a new one).

Busy days ahead when I return. Need to wrap up a self-evaluation, prepare for my summer classes that start next week, and lots to organize/clean around the house. I need a vacation from my vacation. It is always like that, though, isn't it? Cheers everyone.

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