Playing with fire

If you play with fire... you'll get burned!

I caught this performer in the Royal Mile on my way home as he was starting to gather his audience. He was very good at that. Unfortunately, I couldn't stay because I'm rather busy this evening.

It was an interesting day at work today. Work was as it normally is during the week at the start of high season, busy but not too crazy, so nothing interesting on that front, but there was a bit of a storm in a teacup around an incident I can't mention here because there are certain things happening at work which I'm not allowed to share in a social network. So, sorry to leave you in the dark.

As for myself, I'm feeling a bit more upbeat and my motivation is coming back slowly but surely! This evening I'll be busy baking a chocolate cake I have to deliver on Thursday. Baking it today and finishing it tomorrow. So I'll be busy this evening. For this reason I won't be able to catch up with your blips just now, but I'll try later on or tomorrow morning if I have time.

I'm off tomorrow, so I'm hoping to find time to go to the gym as well as finishing the cake.

Thanks very much for all your comments! I hope you all had a good day! :)

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