Cedar Waxwings at the Arboretum

It was a bright, sunny, chilly morning that had the feel of early spring.  The light was good and the Arboretum has been looking much neater after a bit of post-winter clean-up.

I could hear the cedar waxwings before I even got out of the car, and they were chattering up a storm. I saw the first one near the lily pond, which I am happy to report is now thawed and back open for reflections. And there were bunnies throughout the gardens too, looking plush and round; and all manner of other birds singing joyfully above my head.

But the story of the day was the waxwings. There were at least 50 or more of them sitting in this tree, so this shot is just a subset of a much, much larger group. (Learn more about cedar waxwings at the Cornell Ornithology website.)

I admired their soft yellow underbellies that look like hand-painted silk, and the crests on their heads that give them such a roguish look. And of course, perhaps best of all, the teenie black masks that make them look like very small, very fashionable burglars (yes, indeed, little silk-clad thieves of hearts).

In honor of the birds' little outfits which resemble painted silk, I wanted the song to accompany this to be about painting. And so here is one of my favorites: Joshua Kadison, with a love song, Painted Desert Serenade, from the album of the same name; every song on it is good.

P.S. Here's a shout-out to Dexter, who turned seven on this day. Happy birthday, Dexter!

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