Saturday in ............

 ........... the driveway ..... in the rain!

Continuing my own mini challenge of "Saturday in" photos.

This is the new car belonging to Himself - collected yesterday in the rain and photographed this morning - in the rain!  I should have waited as it's now cleared a little.

I tried to get an ''arty down the side shot'' showing the fact that, although it has four doors, there are no visible handles on the back ones - extremely cool in my opinion AND it's got a DAB radio with a zillion channels - I'm rather jealous of those two facts!  I am NOT jealous of the fact that it's silver - I'm a red car person (or maybe black or white!!).

On the two hour test drive last Monday (in an identical year-old car) we pulled a clear 67 miles to the gallon and it's very sporty in appearance and performance too - and after a bit of hard-nosed negotiating we got it (brand new) for a mere (??) £1500 more than the year old model they had for sale .....  and that included five years servicing costs and a proper spare wheel (not a can of foam or a space saver) thrown into the deal!!!!

We came out rather pleased with ourselves!!!!

~ Anni ~

Smile of the Day

Two cowboys stagger out of the zoo with their clothes in tatters.
One says to the other  " That there lion dancing sure ain't as restful as they made out "


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