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Pallington Lakes (Wednesday 25th March 2015)

Pallington Lakes, a former 26-acre fisheries, is home to Sculpture By The Lakes, created by Simon Gudgeon, whose sculptures are featured throughout. The gardens are designed by his wife, Monique Gudgeon.
I went there with my brother, having met at his home in Dorchester earlier, and we spent a couple of very pleasant hours strolling over the lakes, which we had almost to ourselves, and also had a look at an indoor gallery featuring works by Simon Gudgeon and others. As well as the exhibits, we were fortunate to see a peregrine in an electricity pylon, to which we were told it was a regular visitor. We didn't have time to visit the gardens near the entrance - an excuse to go back later.

I wanted also to visit the nearby village of Moreton. It is home to the well known Moreton Tea Rooms that are housed in The Old School but we knew that they would have closed for the day by the time we got there. However, we saw St Nicholas' church, which has engraved windows by Sir Laurence Whistler, created by him over a 30 year period, and also the grave of TE Lawrence, Lawrence of Arabia, in a separate graveyard nearby.

Before leaving we walked down a path to the River Frome, which flows past Pallington Lakes as well, and lies beside the village and can be crossed by a long footbridge at a ford, a popular beauty spot.

4.4.2015 (2050 hr)

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Lozarhythm Of The Day:
John and Beverley Martyn - Primrose Hill (recorded June-July 1970)
I had Gideon Coe on 6 Music for company on the long drive back from Dorchester. Although I own the album Road To Ruin on CD it is many years since I had played it and this track stood out on the radio as I sped through Dorset's back roads later that night. It was a long day and I didn't get to bed until 0130 hr.

One Year Ago:
Curzon Street Daffodils

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