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Bowood 2016 #3 (Friday 25th March 2016)

Bowood's 2016 season opened on Good Friday to massive crowds. I had to park eight wide rows of cars away from the entrance and queue for twenty minutes for my annual card to be registered (I was bribed with a mini-egg), but I wanted to visit on the first day of opening and I also knew that it would be the best weather of the Easter weekend.

I had expected to find quiet corners away from the throng, but there were none due to an Easter Egg Hunt in progress. Whilst the families were mostly well-behaved, some allowed their children to sit amidst the daffodil beds and clamber up the blooming magnolia trees.

I used my Lumix LX100 for some macro shots, my Nikon P900 superzoom for long-range shots, including some of a glorious but distant pheasant, and my red Pentax K50 for all the other shots. For Blip, I needed a shot that showed that I was in the grounds of Bowood and so in the chosen frame Bowood House is visible in the background.

A couple of buzzards circled and soared high overhead, there were many pairs of great crested grebes on the Lake, lesser black-backed gulls congregated on the lake and in the air and the Canada geese were honking as usual. I had a chat with a couple of Japanese tourists before wending my way back through the Gardens and back to the Kiosk after about an hour and a half.

26.3.2016 (1647 hr)

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Taken with Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 (RAW)

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