... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Pale Pigeon

More textural in large.

I went to Eagle Pond and the Goosles were nowhere to be seen so I photographed the pigeons... BUT, the Goosles reappeared! I'm not sure where they'd been. 
It was nice to see them, but the male Canada goose (whose partner is nesting in the Goosles's tree on the island, boo hiss) chased them off the pond and that left Mr. shouting out at the common in general for ages. It gets him all worked up... Mrs. was grazing, and she chattered back at him reassuringly, but he kept standing on the mound behind the common and barking out away from the pond. Poor Mr.

I've put some other pics on Flickr (right from these two tufted ducks).
Alternative: Mrs. grazing and Mr. shouting at the common

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