... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosle Gosling: Up Close

Brighter eyed in large.
Alternative: Gosling on colourful water

I struggled to choose my blip today...
Mrs. now seems to have left her nest, so there are two Goosles tending to the Goosle gosling, which seems like a safer setup than yesterday's (with just Mr. keeping guard). Mrs. was being much more attentive than Mr., but the gosling was doing a lot of exploring and managed to lose both of its parents a couple of times. It also fell asleep standing up and tried to do flappy dance! I've linked to more photos below.

I've extended my Goosle gosling album (here) and the new photos can be found from this one onwards.
Gosling with Mrs. (for scale): 1 and 2
Sleepy gosling: yawning, falling asleep (standing), asleep (standing)
Goosles together: on land
Close ups: emerging from Mrs's shadow, grazing with Mrs., paddling near Mrs., posing
Swimming: with Mrs. honking, with Mrs. sipping
Flapping dance: before falling, mid-fall...
Mrs. looking for the gosling: barking, in a tree, peering around grasses

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