... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

Goosle Gosling!

More tired in large.

Eee, the Goosles have a gosling! There's only one, but Mrs. is still sitting on her nest, so she must think that her other eggs still have a chance... I'm not sure how old this gosling is (my mother first saw it on Friday), but I'd guess that it is at least half a week old, so I don't hold out much hope for more goslings emerging. I hope that Mrs. leaves the nest to help watch the gosling, because Mr. wasn't being terribly attentive, although the gosling did keep close to him.

I was away this week, and will back blip my pictures over the next few days; I had a choral week in Derbyshire (six days of rehearsals and two concerts), and am now totally knackered, so picked this picture partly because it reflects how I feel...

I've uploaded a new Goosle Gosling album to Flickr (here); I'm going back to Oxford tomorrow evening, so (alas) won't be able to follow or blip its progress regularly.
Yawning under Mr's tail
Mr. preening (with gosling behind)
Tiny gosling
Paddling together
Paddling through Mr's reflection

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