... with one eye open.

By Chamaeleo

St. Giles: Downward-Facing Daffodil

Brighter trumpets in large.

I've back blipped pictures from my choral week in Derbyshire with the Richard Roddis Singers (RRS):
27th March: Easter Sunday: Egg Hunt
28th March: RRS: Piano Chicks
29th March: RRS: Maestri
30th March: RRS: Repton Skyline Panorama
31st March: RRS: Repton Church from the Vicarage
1st April: RRS: Calke Abbey Orangery
2nd April: RRS: St. Mary's, Wirksworth

I had fun with the macro lens today: it was sunny and I found lots of colourful flowers, so I've also uploaded some other floral macro shots (right from here).
Passion flower tendril
Daffodil with aphid
Daffodil portrait
Daffodil stigma

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