Sonning Lock

This afternoon a friend and I went for a walk along the Thames at Sonning.  It was my friend's birthday, so we celebrated with tea/coffee and cake in the Sonning Lock's tearoom.  Even Dolly got a dog-treat!  ("I would have preferred a piece of cake or some ice-cream")  The tea-room at the lock is open from April 1st to Oct 31st, so I was glad to visit early in the season.  Apparently, Mr and Mrs George Clooney now live in the village - I wonder if they ever wander down here for a cup of tea?

Of course, I had to take some pictures of the narrowboats, as I am so eager to spend a holiday (or even live?) on one! (why do I keep putting this off?)  Are any of my friends up for a narrowboat holiday?  

The doorway on the bottom left is taken in the graveyard of Sonning's St Andrew's church.  I've walked by it dozens of times, but have never noticed how beautiful it is until today.  

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