Aquamarine/Nanna K's Day

By NannaK


I almost never get a shot I like at Tatum’s indoor soccer games —the light is all wrong facing the windows, one has to shoot thru a black mesh screen or dirty glass, and the ISO is too big.   But I’m going to blip this one of these two (Tatum in Green) near the blue goal, because for one reason I want to remember this blue number 8,, Sophia, pigtails flying high,  who was an awesome player on this 11 year old (opposing) team and very fun to watch.   And the indoor season is winding down…. it’s a much faster game with the walls to bounce those balls off.  I think the green (who are the “rocking Russels” as in “dog) didn’t score here and they were behind, , but it was a good game and they get a lot of exercise and pink cheeks!

Off to babysit the boys in a few minutes, having made my strata for Easter brunch tomorrow - —they’ll probably be watching basketball!

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