Easter Sunday

I was out quite early for a look around in the heavy mist. As I traveled up the Johnby road things started to clear and I found that it was a lovely sunny day.

I had a few shots of trees in light mist to choose from, but I liked the sculptural effect of these two. I love trees in winter!

The rest of the day was spent moving files around between computers. I have a new laptop and The Man is changing to another tower, so lots to do

Just realised what the date is! This photo completes 6 years of blipping without missing a day! I got my balloon a couple of weeks ago due to archived blips but today is the end of another year.

Not an easy year, my most difficult since joining Blipfoto, transferring my mum into a care home, seeing her spend four months in hospital and saying goodbye as she died.I have been so grateful for how the blip community helped me through that time.

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