Harrowing the Recently Ploughed Earth

For Mono Monday on the elemental theme 'earth'.

14.6C with thick haar not clearing until after 3pm. Zephyr.

Apothecary7 and I went to B&Q then to Dobbies garden centre this morning with Maeve the Deerhound accompanying us in the car. B&Q had the bulk multipurpose compost we wanted but didn't have a good display of seeds or a giant growbag so the visit to Dobbies was required. There we got the giant growbag and the other things we wanted. Second early potatoes (Charlotte) for growing in big pots. Pansies and a Dianthus for pots by the front door. Cosmos, Sunflowers, and Cowslip seeds. Three tomato plants, one each of AIlsa Craig, Gardener's Delight, and Russian Black for the growbag. Seeds for Dwarf French beans, bush tomatoes, spring onions, and salad leaves.

Before lunch we went into the front garden and pruned all the lavender bushes.

After lunch we took Maeve for a walk. We went up to the church then continued out along the country road towards Scryne. Potatoes were being planted in one of the big fields near Craigmill farm. We turned right at the farm and went down the track to the shore road where we caught sight of the small red tractor harrowing the recently ploughed earth in the field to our left.  That isn't dust behind the tractor, it is mist drifting across the surface or the soil. We couldn't see Easthaven, the end of the track or the sea.

We came home along the cycle path, where it was still very misty and we could only catch glimpses of the sea from near the level crossing, and round in a long loop heading into Carnoustie then up the main road before turning along for home.

This afternoon we emptied the pots by the front door of last autumns plants, and Apothecary7 planted them up while I sorted out the growbag with growing rings and canes and planted the three tomato plants in it against the inside of the back of the greenhouse.

E-PL5 f/9 1/500 sec. ISO-200 14mm

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