Continuing my 'Cuties at the Dog Park' series...this slightly bedraggled little soul in a Poodle Suit is Andre. He was surrendered to Animal Services by someone who used him for all of his 14 and one half years as a stud at a 'puppy mill/backyard breeder' operation. He has a huge tumor on his left back leg which apparently made it increasingly difficult for him to mount the females. The breeder must have had some shred of compassion and didn't end his life. One our many wonderful Rescue Organizations here in Alachua County 'sprung' him from Animal Services ( still a kill shelter),  got him major dental work (all but 5 of his teeth had to be pulled), neutered him and generally 'cleaned him up. I'm sure they thought that Andres would be a 'difficult' adoption but a friend of mine at the Dog Park, who already has three big dogs and goat and who knows what else, found a space in her home and her heart for this little guy! He loves being carried around and is a big-time snuggler! His new mom is taking him from one vet to another trying to get a diagnosis on his tumor, no one seems to be able to determine if it's malignant or not. Whatever...he's got his mom and the whole Dog Park behind him. Oh, and today Andre, who I call Andy, went into the pond for the very first time. Just got his little feet wet but,'s a start! :) NO MORE PUPPY MILLS! 

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