Granny Click Click!

By Yana1

Busy sewing...

Another lovely Spring day...took the boy shopping then home for a lovely chicken stir fry with cashew nuts and coconut with rice...yum yum.
I have spent the past two days turning up various pairs of of the drawbacks of being 5' 2" is the fact that every pair of trousers is made for some sort of Amazonian-type woman and they always need at least 4" taken off the length for me....I also decided to shorten the sleeves in a jacket...the other problem with being short is that I also have about 3" to take off the length of sleeves in jackets and tops.  I hope that I don't see another needle and thread for many months as I've just about had enough of taking things up!  Whilst I was finishing up sorting out some bits and bobs in my sewing box, my husband came through to remind me that I hadn't taken any photos today...he's helpful like hey presto a sewing-themed Blip for today...not exciting but got the job done.
The shuttle in the background is one from a mill that my late Mom worked in as a young girl, I think she was about 15 when she started and she worked there until she was 17 when she got married.  The mill has long since gone but she managed to acquire this from it before everything was lost forever and my Dad mounted it on a plinth for her.  I took this from her house last year after she passed away as I loved it and it was also a piece of history too.

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