Journey Through Time

By Sue

Lunch Out

Well, shoot.  I lost the first time I did this, forgot to hit Publish I guess.  

I took my aunt to do errands and then I took her to Nicholas Lebanese Restaurant.   I told her I would take her to this because when I had my DNA done for genealogical purposes, my Admixture came up 93% European and then a couple of other things including
 North Africa and "Asia Minor" or the area around Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, etc.  I told her I would take her here as it's the "food of my people".  She doubled over in laughter.

I am, however, mostly European and a great article to read is this one.  I find all of this to be so fascinating.  The story of humanity and how we trekked out of Africa and northward to wander all over Europe and Asia and points beyond is a remarkable story of survival and resilience that is us.  We rock!  

So, the first version was better.  I hate it when I lose the entry that I worked hard on.  That's life.  

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