By carliewired

A Little Bit of Lovely

She is red, sleek and
a hybrid of note, with all
the bells and whistles

~ carliewired

I picked up my new car on Saturday. It was ordered in September before I got ready to leave for the winter. 

It had to be red. The last two were silver and I got very tired of trying to find them in parking lots with all the other silver cars. 

The dealer had emailed me during the winter to say it had arrived. It was to be all ready when I got home. When we picked it up I had already forgotten the items I'd ordered on the options list. As we left, D asked me if I'd ordered a 'deflector' for the hood. I didn't remember clearly but thought I had. I thought I'd go home and check the list. I forgot all about it by the time I got home. Two days later the salesman called to say they'd forgotten to add the deflector and asked if I'd call to make an appointment to have it done. Today was the day!

So, she doesn't have a name yet but she's ready for her debut. This is my 2015 Prius by Toyota. 

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