Lizellens Lot

By lizellen

This morning, Blip mate and I set off on another intrepid adventure, driving deep into the hills on unsealed roads, where we had never been before.

When we reached the highest point, we had a view out across the  tidal estuary, the mudflats where the tide had just begun to come in and ultimately, Tasman Bay. Unbeknown to us we had strayed onto private property and the owner marched over to inform us. I think she was quite relieved to find we were a harmless pair of old intrepid ladies

It was a grey day and quite hazy. I did consider going out again for a different picture but two of my children decided to Skype, one after the other, two lots of visitors came, one after the other, then it became  wet, bleak and cold and I lost interest.

So here you have a  hazy Tasman Bay as seem from private property high in the hills.

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