Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Setting Sun

This afternoon I fancied taking some pictures I've wanted to do for a while in Ebbw Vale. No longer had I got there than my phone went off to do a call. It's been dead lately, so it was annoying but welcome in a way. It necessitated driving to Llantrisant. I managed to listen to most of the  Leeds v Cardiff City match on BBC Radio Wales, and it was nice that Cardiff won 2-1 away from home. Not that it matters a lot as we are not going anywhere - but a win is a win. Nice after they lost the last match 3-0!

It's been a nice sunny day and I fancied another sunset picture. The sun was in the wrong position to get one with Caerphilly Castle in, so I drove a couple of miles away to Rudry Common where standing on a mound I could see the sun setting over the distant hill some miles away. No sooner had I grabbed a couple of pics than the fire brigade turned up (about 7.55pm) as some low life had decided to set fire to the common. I did tell the brigade exactly where it was and how to get to it but they had their own ideas and set off walking with 'beaters'. These fires are a regular occurrence on the local mountains.

Thanks for all the supporting comments yesterday. It's nice to know that I'm not alone in hating swearers and wanting well behaved kids!

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