Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Hafodyrynys Hill

Yesterday I was sat in my conservatory. The lovely two young girls living next door (about 7 and 9 years) had some friends around and were in the garden playing. The laughter, shouting, screaming and general noise was annoying me. They're such a lovely family, and doing what children do, I just had to endure it.

At 6.30pm, yesterday evening we arrived at our friends and instead of a take-away, they wanted to go out for a meal. We haven't been out for yonks. Shortly after we arrived at The Commercial Inn, Risca, and ordered meals. The meals took an age to arrive. Then four blokes stood nearby, were effing and blinding. They were invading my space and I stood up and told them off, saying there were ladies present. They didn't like it but did stop swearing. However, the pay back was a noisy conversation. Then the 'music' started playing. I was glad to go and I now know why we haven't been out for a meal for a long time and why pubs are closing down all the time.

It must be a thing that as you get older your standards get higher and your threshold to noise gets lower - and overall, you just get grumpier!

Anyway, rant over! 

The blip photo is taken of a tree growing out of a rather steep mountain side on the Hafodyrynys Road leading between Crumlin and Pontypool (opposite the old round tower which I now believe is a listed building - not that you would ever guess).  I hope you like it. I don't think it's bad for a developing grumpy young man!

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