Desperately seeking

By clickychick


Another day in Edinburgh, but today was a working day. First thing to do was make a trip to IKEA. Kat needed shelving and we needed some stuff for the holiday lodge. This was the first time I'd not been into the cafe Quickly back to Kat's to remove a skirting board. Uninstall a dishwasher and fit a new one.

There wasn't room for four of us in the kitchen so when I had finished the job I'd been given I thought I'd take the camera along the canal in the sunshine. By the time I had my coat on it was pouring. I went out anyway and sat under a brolly on a wet bench and watched the world go by

I didn't get any useful shots so, before we came home,, I took a shot of the tulips Kat bought yesterday. I thank KathGordon for the inspiration to do it.

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