In Glasgow today on business and had a lot of time to spare before catching the bus home. As always on days when the light isn't great outside I visited GOMA ( Gallery of Modern Art) . The photography exhibition with the mono prints of the Gorbals Children was very good, wish I could do work like that. I also really liked the installation ontn the ceiling of the foyer.

However it was the ever changing moving art of the street outside as viewed through the coloured glass windows on the staircase to the upper levels which enthralled me. I waited for different people to walk past to see what images could be seen through the windows. This sort of Modern Alice in Wonderland is the one I liked best. The girl with the long blonde hair really did stroll past the gallery window, I love the way the warped, coloured glass has turned her into a painted figure.

large might just be worth a look to see the effect on the building across the road, particularly the patterns on the tall windows and the wrought ironwork on the balcony outside. I might send this to the Gallery to see what they think.

Forgot to mention that my damsel fly made it into the Herald today. Think it's time they paid me.

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