Furnace Lass

By furnacelass

Summer's here

What a glorious day! Summer's definitely arrived, so warm and bright and the garden was buzzing with bees and wasps while I worked at weeding the flower beds.

later , while I was relaxing by the garden pond I noticed a lot of wasps seemed to be attracted to a small bush near the garden seat, seemed as if they were honing in on the gren leaves until I looked properly . The bush was full of tiny flowers the size of a pinhead. I was fascinated watching the wasps clinging and burying their heads in these tiny flowers. Sorry I can't remember what this bush is called. I remeber buyingit at the Tree shop in Cairndow. Must find out what it is.

Any way it just had to be a blip if this wasp hanging on to the flowers for tonight. Apologies to fellow blippers who really don't like viewing these tiny insects.

Hope you all had as good a day as we had. For those who do, look Large if you dare.

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