A mixed bag

A mixed bag weatherwise. We woke to grey drizzle, but as the day has gone on things have got brighter - if colder.

Another fairly slow start with some chores this morning and a couple of forms for me to fill in, before heading out to the Bridge Inn at Ratho, last frequented by me with the Belles a few months ago, to meet our old friends H and S. I've known them since about 1986 - certainly well before my son was born. I remember well the lovely red and white striped jumper they gave him.

Talk ranged across all manner of things* over lunch, and as we pottered along the canal for a few hundred yards and back. S recently had an accident so cannot walk too far at present.

Back home, I should be ironing. But I'm not doing. Hmmm. There is always tomorrow morning.

* We mainly avoided politics as I'm thoroughly sick of the general election, but apparently Alf and S sorted out the whole taxation business as we wandered along by the canal. Goodee.

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