Once You're In...

...you can't get out! 

I met June Fox at Mapledurham House today. We arrived a little too early for our boat trip, so we nipped over to the River Thames at Pangbourne and watched the canoeists and wildlife go by.

Mapledurham House and watermill are steeped in history and the members of staff helped make it a very enjoyable day. We took plenty of photographs and although this is not the best of the day, it will definitely bring a smile to my face whenever I see it. 

After our boat trip and visit to the mill, we went to the cafe for afternoon tea and a good chat. Unfortunately, this only left 15 minutes to see the house, so we whizzed around, trying not to appear rude to the staff, who were desperate to tell us in detail about every room. We then grabbed a few shots of the outside of the house and tried to make our way back to the car. To our amusement, we discovered that we'd been locked into the garden of the house. All four gates had been padlocked and the house had been shut up for the night. We considered sleeping in the front porch of the house but it didn't look too comfortable, so we climbed through a barbed wire fence and tried not to look too conspicuous. Luckily we both found it amusing. 


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