By wingpig


This earring has been sitting on this log beside the Water of Leith for a few days now. Perhaps placing earrings on old logs could be the new putting random gloves on railings.

Set my alarm (although it was unnecessary due to a strange and welcome lack of questions and last-minute tasks) and managed a properish walk again at lunchtime. The increasingly sunniness and spring lends an whole new look to the usual route which is nice even though I am far from bored of it. I hope it indicates a generally good mood when a little glint of sunlight on a leaf makes me happy. Lunchtime walks have to rely on surroundings and happenings rather than the act of walking itself for the calming effect as I can't walk at a decent speed when I have to get back into stupid sweaty work clothes for the afternoon. The evening walk (leaving in five minutes) is a different matter; now that I've posted for the day I can concentrate on walking at full speed and only need stop if something exceptional presents itself.

Only Thursday but it feels like Friday. A reasonably major stage of thing at work has been passed and today I left the building just a fraction before the sun passed below the horizon.


On holiday again on Monday.

It's the little things which make it all worthwhile.

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