By Weecritters


This stunning specimen protects his lady on her nest with such ferocity! He runs across the water, wings flapping & if the bank allows he climbs out of the water & chases you along the path. I have ran from him often while trying to feed him!
Sadly, because he is doing such a stirling job he is persecuted by youths who throw stones or anything they can get their hands on at him...and unbelievably at her too. She had to abandon her nest last year leaving 8 eggs with already formed cygnets in them...her nest was surrounded by rocks, bottles, beer cans etc.
I will never understand why anyone wants to hurt (kill) animals for the fun of it.
She is on her nest in a much more accessible place this year so I don't hold much hope on her being allowed to incubate them to full term.
I wish I could get a posse of volunteers to take it in turns to protect her round the clock until they hatch, but I know that is unpractical & can only hope the people who want to harm them get caught.

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